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Concrete will be removed in pool bottom for pipe repairs PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

It’s going to be at least a couple more weeks before Imperial’s swimming pool is open.
City Clerk/Administrator Jo Leyland said Tuesday they made the decision to remove a section of the pool floor and replace the main drain pipe, which is leaking.
The city has been trying to get the leak problem resolved since mid-May when city workers discovered there was a drainage issue.
When the pool was being filled for the first time last month, and reached about three-fourths full, water began to leak from the underdrain.
The leaking was first noticed at the end of the 2009 swim season, the first year the new pool on East 9th opened.
Leyland said the general contractor, Simon Contractors of North Platte, was alerted at that time, which sent a crew to Imperial and said the problem was due to a leaking valve, which they had said was fixed.
The past two weeks, after trying to find the real leak problem, it was discovered to be the broken pipe joint in the main drain pipe.
While the city explored other options to get the pool open as soon as possible, Leyland said they wouldn’t solve the problem and it was important that they fix it correctly.
She added the engineers, Miller & Associates, believe the best option to fix the problem is to replace the pipe rather than repair it, which requires removal of a 5 x 7-foot section of the concrete floor.
They are hopeful that can be started this week. On Tuesday, Leyland was waiting for notification of that start date.
According to the contractor’s time estimates, the entire repair process will take about 12 days from day one. However, when “day one” arrives is unknown, she added.
Cooperation from the weather will also be a factor.
Leyland emphasized that all of this additional work by the contractor is at their cost, not the city’s.
Swim lessons
Due to the pool problems, swimming lessons have also been delayed.
The village of Wauneta will allow a two-week session of swimming lessons to be held at their pool, July 21-July 2, if there is enough interest here, Leyland indicated.
Asst. Pool Manager Shanna Carter will be at the pool Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for signups to see if enough parents are interested in that option.
The Imperial pool will also hold a two-week swim lesson session later in July and another one in August, Leyland said.
The swim team has also been practicing in Wauneta. The local team is attending meets each weekend, and hosted the Imperial meet in Wauneta last Saturday.


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