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American Idol experience beneficial to Blake Marvin PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

After a “pretty positive” audition for the American Idol show, Blake Marvin of Englewood, Colo. has nothing but positive things to say about the talent show.
Marvin, 24, is the grandson of Margaret and Bernard Marvin of Chase County, and the son of Brent and Julie Marvin of Colorado.
He appeared at the Chase County Fair in the Galaxy of Stars Talent
Search in 2006, was the Nebraska State Fair winner in the same competition that year, and opened for Lonestar at the Chase County Fair in 2007.
Marvin tried out for the show in Denver in August with the song  “Better Days” by the Goo Goo Dolls. He made the cut and then auditioned at “Hollywood Week” in California Jan. 9-16.
In Hollywood he sang “A Song for You” by Donny Hathaway. The original cut had a pop-jazz feel, Marvin said, but he put a rock edge on it.
“It was a pretty positive audition,” Marvin said, although he didn’t make the cut. There were 170 people auditioning when he did, culled from the original 110,000 trying out nationwide, he said.
Marvin’s grandmother, Margaret, said she caught glimpses of him on the show, but his audition wasn’t shown.
“You never know how much or little they’re going to show,” Marvin said of the hours of film shot on each contestant.
He added that, “You never know how they’re going to portray people on the show,” saying he was glad all of his glimpses were positive.
Another positive thing to come out of the audition was exposure. “Some pretty cool things happened. I got out at the perfect time to get a summer tour going with the band.”
The Blake Marvin Band, he said, is being looked at by national agents for bookings. It will open for several major acts this summer, and will perform at the county fair in Sidney this summer.
“Some of that was  helped by the fact I was on there,” the singer said of his American Idol experience.
Marvin said producers were looking for a “rags to riches” theme, and his wasn’t that.
“I found the whole trip to be a positive experience. As long as you got up there and didn’t do a bad job, it was good. They didn’t have any negative” comments about his performance, Marvin said.
More information about Marvin and his band may be found at