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Olympics push all ofA us to be better PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz, The Imperial Republican News Editor

Among my favorite times of year are these two weeks every two years when the Olympics come around.
The Winter Games are now underway, and will continue through the closing ceremonies on Sunday, Feb. 28. I haven’t been able to watch as much as I’d like, but whatever I get time to see every two years is pretty inspirational to me.
My favorite winter sports have to be the ice-skating events, the luge and downhill skiing, but none of it really bores me (okay, I’ll admit, I still don’t understand, or like, curling).
What amazes me is the commitment these athletes make to train for their few minutes of possible glory at the Olympics. Some have been working toward this moment since childhood, with many hours each day spent training for their sport.
During news interviews, many of the athletes say they are just wanting to reach a personal best, but those medals are the goal.
That takes work, and a commitment to the goal of being the best at this time in history. We can all learn a lesson from those Olympic athletes.
Whether it’s trying to quit smoking, losing weight, exercising more, learning a new skill or just making an effort to be a better person, it takes work.
We all would do well to emulate the work ethic of the Olympians as we attempt to reach those seemingly large goals in our lives.
And while we may fail a time or two or more as we strive, there’s nothing better than knowing you worked hard and reached your goal when it does happen.
Thanks, Olympic athletes, from all over the world, for your inspiration.


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