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City continues its progressive spirit PDF Print E-mail
By Annie Longan
Mayor, City of imperial

    This year has been another progressive year for Imperial. Once again I would say the great dedication of the City employees, members of the council and also the many citizens, all who give their time and expertise to the molding of Imperial, make our town one of the best in the state.
    Our pool completion, even though with a slight delay, is a great aspect in today’s need to partner and collaborate with entities to reach a goal. I appreciate the school administrators and board members in their work and partnering with the city to help provide Imperial with a great facility.
    The children of this community, I am sure, are very excited for this summer getting to use the new pool. I can only imagine how big the next season’s swim team might be!
    To the ladies who so graciously helped revamp the Christmas decorations! Thank you!
    The demolition of the old grade school was completed and I look forward to once again working together to go forward with a new fire hall housing emergency vehicles and providing a shelter for the community!
    Let us not lose sight of being progressive in our times of economy turmoil. It will get better!
    Imperial is a great place to live, working together, caring for each other. This past year has been a hard one I feel for we have lost many that shouldn’t be gone from us.
    I feel somehow we as a community were tested in our faith. It is hard for me to understand and I am sure all of you still keep wondering why, as I do. My heart goes out to those who have lost any loved one this past year. I know there is much strength in our community with people who reach out in these times of loss.
    Last year I wrote about the things I felt blessed with. This year I still encourage everyone to take a moment and realize the blessings we do have.
    I also would like to say thanks to all the families who have service men or women serving our country, keeping us safe everyday. I wish for this year that all serving away can come home. Let us not forget those away serving for our continued freedom and ability to sleep at night.
    May God Bless you and best wishes for a great 2009! 

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