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    It’s time to expand the wellness horizons in Nebraska.
    N-Lighten Nebraska 2009 has officially kicked off its annual campaign and is calling for companies, communities and families to get entered in the statewide wellness program. Officials announced the opening in December and announced plans for a statewide community tour, a new partnership with Mr. Goodcents, an updated website that’s easier to use and a new Activity Tracker.
    To help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Nebraska Sports Council, the goal is to increase participation by 25% to 10,000 participants.
    The three-month team wellness program offers assistance to teams of two to 10 people in healthy weight-loss and/or increased physical activity. The program runs from Feb. 1-May 1, but officials encourage participants to sign up by Jan. 16 to receive team materials before the program starts.
    Participants receive weekly activity and nutrition tips, log their activity periodically and can track their progress on a statewide leaderboard.
    In addition to the weight-loss division, the accumulated activity division offers two versions, Basic Activity and Advanced Activity. The Basic Division is for casual walkers and exercisers, while the Advanced Division is designed more for workout enthusiasts.
    The cost to participate is $17 per person. N-Lighten Nebraska is sponsored primarily by St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center.
    More information is available a or by calling the Nebraska Sports Council at 1-800-304-2637.