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Wind energy bill pushes development PDF Print E-mail

Sen. Chris Langemeier, chairman of the Nebraska Legislature’s Natural Resources Committee, has introduced LB 1048, a bill on wind energy.  
The bill, signed by all members of the committee, is in response to LR 83, an interim study on which the committee has been working since June.  
Representatives from various interests, including public power, the American Wind Energy Association, project developers, the environment and the Power Review Board, worked together to draft language that would allow the development of wind projects for export under our current regulatory system.
Sen. Langemeier stated, “It is the Natural Resources Committee’s intention to reach consensus on and advance a bill that will promote wind energy development while preserving the integrity of our public power system.”
The Natural Resources Committee introduced the bill with the understanding that it is not a finished product as it contains provisions on which the committee and interested parties are still working.  Sen. Langemeier noted that several of these provisions may be revised.  
To provide a forum for further discussion and revisions, Sen. Langemeier plans to conduct briefings that will take place before the public hearing on the bill.  The briefings will be open to the public.
Sen. Langemeier stated, “I want to thank those who have participated in the wind study and who have offered their time and resources towards crafting a bill.  Our public power companies have been particularly dedicated to the study and have shown the strength of their commitment to encourage the growth of wind energy in Nebraska.”
Sen. Langemeier said the committee will continue to work on wind energy policy throughout the 101st Legislature’s Second Session.


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