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A git ’r done attitude PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican Co-Publisher
As I prepared the story about the progess experienced in Imperial and Chase County for this year’s progress edition, I couldn’t help but think about Larry the Cable Guy’s catch-phrase—Git ’r done.
While his use of the phrase comes most often in a comical setting, his phrase can be used to sum up the continual progress made each year in this community and county.
Some way or another, we always seem to “git ’r done.”
This year marked the 10th anniversary that Lori and I have owned The Imperial Republican. As I think back over the last 10 years here in Imperial, I can’t ever recall writing a progress edition story about Imperial where this community didn’t move forward.
I’m sure my mentor and long-time co-publisher of this paper, the late Loral Johnson, would agree if he were able to look back on all the progress stories he wrote about Imperial.
Imperial and Chase County can be proud of the “git ’r done” attitude so prevalent here.
There are lots of communities in Nebraska that would give anything to develop this unique attitude that sets us apart from the others.
And even in a year when the economic conditions plunged this country into a deep recession, we remain resilient and continue to invest in our futures here in Imperial and Chase County.
Look back for yourself on some of the major improvements this community has committed to and “got ’r done:” a new school, a new clinic addition, a new library addition, a new sports complex including football field, track, swimming pool and locker rooms and a new airport terminal and expanded airport runway capable of landing small jets.
Then, stop and look at the continual investments local business owners and farmers make in their operations to insure they remain on the cutting edge in order to guarantee their own futures.
As we move into a new decade of this millenium, let’s never lose sight of the “git ’r done” attitude that has brought us to this point and will continue to make the difference going forward.
“So, let’s git ’r done!”


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