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City’s grand piano sells to former music teacher PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Former elementary music teacher Dr. J. Gordon Christensen is the new owner of the city’s grand piano, buying it for $10,500.
He was the only bidder on the Steinway Model A grand piano housed at The Imperial Theatre. The piano had been used there for concerts and other programs, but in recent years, has sat idle as most programs moved to the larger school auditorium.
According to Christensen’s proposal approved by the city council at their Nov. 23 meeting, the city will also reap an additional $15,000 from Christensen down the road from his estate.
Christensen now lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and read in The Imperial Republican that there had been no bids received after the city advertised to sell the piano. Bids were due in October, and a minimum $10,000 bid had been set by the theatre board.
The council’s motion last week accepted Christensen’s total bid of $25,500, with $23,500 of that in a promissory note. Christensen plans to put $2,000 down on the purchase with monthly payments of $725 over the coming year.
City Clerk/Administrator Jo Leyland said, in addition to purchase of the piano, Christensen plans to leave the city an additional $15,000 from the sale of his estate’s personal property after his death, which will be earmarked for use at the theatre.
In the event the theatre is no longer in operation at that time, it was agreed that the council will decide how to use those funds.
Christensen plans to take delivery of the piano in person early this month, making the down payment at that time.
Council President Doug Gaswick conducted last week’s meeting in absence of Mayor Annie Longan. Other council members present were Sue Moore and Lynn Luhrs.