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Reminder: shop at home first this holiday season PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican Co-Publisher
With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the focus will soon shift to getting our Christmas shopping done. As we get ready to fill our lists, let’s remember to give our hometown merchants a shot at our business by shopping at home first before taking shopping dollars out of town.
Several years ago, the communities in Chase and Perkins Counties launched a “Shop at Home” campaign.  It successfully heightened the awareness and importance of shopping in your home town and giving local businesses a shot at your business first.
The key now is to remember that it’s just as important, if not more so, to shop in our hometown as it was two years ago.  
One of the things we learned from that campaign was that businesses in Imperial have much to offer. People were surprised with some of the values and shopping selection they found right here in our business community.
All too often, we get caught up in the “superstore syndrome”—first, that the selection will better; and second, that it’s got to be cheaper. That’s just what the big superstores want us to believe.     
When we fall for that hype, a bigger tragedy occurs when your dollar gets spent out of town—it’s left the community forever!
One dollar spent in our hometown rolls over within the community from 3 to 7 times. That’s lost when that dollar is spent out of town.
Your local business owners aren’t looking for charity when you come into their stores. They  just want the opportunity to show you what they have to offer and to provide you with the goods and services you need or want.
Granted, there are some items you may not be able to find in our community. But instead of heading off to the superstore, check with local businesses in neighboring communities. At least those dollars don’t evaporate into some corporate cloud.
On Wednesday, Dec. 2, the Imperial Chamber will hold its “Old Fashioned Christmas Festival” with Chamber businesses offering sales, drawings and other activities.
One of the Chamber’s goals for the event is simply to get shoppers into our local stores so they can experience for themselves the wide variety of shopping opportunities that exist in our community.
What better place to spend your holiday shopping dollar than right here at home? Each dollar that’s spent here in local businesses helps keep our local economy vibrant and alive.
Thanks to you and your support of Imperial’s businesses, Imperial has been able to buck the trend that leads to the eventual demise of a community. Many communities would beg for the shopping and services we are able to offer here.
As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, we have lots to be thankful for here, especially when it come to a strong businesses community that allows us the opportunity to “Shop at Home” and keep our community strong!


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