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Bake sale to benefit Adam Spady’s cancer treatment PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

This Friday, friends of Adam Spady of Imperial have organized a traveling bake sale, with proceeds to fund his travel and medical expenses for cancer treatment.
Spady, 30, is returning to Imperial following 12 days of treatment for his cancer in Tijuana, Mexico. He has been battling Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma for 13 years.
Because treatment is at Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico, his insurance won’t cover any costs, mother Teri Spady said.
Following years of treatment and surgery for cancer, scans made in September showed a nodule on his liver, as well as several spots on a lung he had surgery on in 2007. A biopsy confirmed the cancer in the liver.
Spady decided not to put himself through more surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. “It caused too much pain and damage last time,” his mother said.
The former teacher had radiation when he was 17, surgery to remove a sinus and half of his palate in 2005, more radiation and chemo, removal of a lobe in his right lung in 2007 and reconstructive surgery over a five-month period in 2008 on the roof of his mouth and jaw, including skin grafting on his cheek.
Spady researched alternatives on the Internet, and read a book called “Dismantling Cancer,” then decided to find treatment at Oasis of Hope Hospital.
Founded in 1963 by Dr. Ernesto Contreras, it is now operated by his son, Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Jr. The hospital provides research and cancer treatments, including conventional treatment, to patients from around the world.
Oasis of Hope offers an advanced approach to cancer treatment called Integrative Regulatory Therapy (IRT). IRT is designed to destroy malignant cells, inhibit their ability to continue to mutate, stop growth and impede the spread of cancer through a combination of conventional and alternative approaches.
“Their goal is not to cure  him of cancer but to manage it, to kind of keep the cancer from spreading,” Teri stated.
She said Adam’s treatment in-cludes high doses of intraveneous Vitamin C; a natural chemotheraphy called Laetrile, or Vitamin B17; and an ozone UV therapy, which is where blood is removed from Adam and injected with UV, then returned to his body to let his blood cells attack the cancer.
“It builds up his immune system so his body can fight off cancer,” Teri said of the combined treatment. “It makes so much sense.”
Spady will spend four weeks back in Imperial, where he lives with Teri and Lennie. During that time he will continue to give himself shots of Laetrile.
He will then return to Tijuana for six more days of therapy. Every three to six months for five years he will return to Oasis of Hope for checkups.
After just a few days at the hospital, Spady told his mother that he feels fine and there are no side effects from the treatment.
“The atmosphere is very different than any of the hospitals we’ve been to in the U.S. Hope is in the air and you can just feel it,” he told her.
Teri said the family is trying to stay positive about Adam’s future. She said she’s talked to people who had treatment at Oasis of Hope who had their tumors shrunken or eliminated.
“The goal of IRT is to help people live stronger and longer,” she pointed out.
Persons wishing to donate food for the traveling bake sale may contact Penny Teply at (308) 882-4713.
A medical/traveling fund has been set up in Adam’s name at Imperial Credit Union.
In addition, all proceeds from the soup and pie supper at the VFW Hall Dec. 2 from 5-7 p.m. will benefit Spady.
Teri said her family appreciates any support people can give Adam, as well as prayers for guidance in helping them make the right decisions concerning Adam’s care.
Updates on Adam’s treatment can be found on his blog


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