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National Radiologic Week observed at county hospital PDF Print E-mail

Chase County Community Hospital recognizes the significant contributions imaging has made to the field of medicine during National Radiologic Week Nov. 8-14. The week officially kicked off with X-ray Discovery Day on Nov. 8.
Chase County Community Hospital has been a leader among rural, critical access hospitals in this area. Most recently, a new digital mammography unit was installed which allows full digital mammograms, the only hospital within 100 miles to have this capability.   
“For four and half years, the radiology department has been filmless in all modalities except mammography.  With the addition of digital mammography equipment, we are now totally filmless,” according to Doug Douglas, Radiology Director at the hospital.
Medical imaging has grown by leaps and bounds since Nov. 8, 1895, when German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen first discovered the X-ray. His find laid the groundwork for the advanced medical imaging equipment located used in today’s radiology departments.
The modern X-ray, as well as CT, ultrasound, mammography and nuclear medicine equipment use the basics of Roentgen’s science to help physicians detect, diagnose and treat injury, illness and disease.
As imaging has progressed, X-rays have remained the most frequently used form of medical imaging.
In addition to the traditional use of producing images of any bone in the body, X-rays are used in highly sophisticated radiology systems that perform medical tests such as angiograms, fluoroscopy, cardiac stress tests and thyroid scans, as well as interventional and therapeutic treatments.
Images obtained with these machines can be digitized and sent to any computer for instant physician diagnosis and patient communication, rather than developing a film of the image.
Chase County Community Hospital performs around 3,600 X-ray exams annually using advanced radiology systems for tests such as mammograms, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs and general diagnostic radiology.
For more information about services provided by the Radiology Department at Chase County Community Hospital, contact Doug Douglas, Stacy Leibhart or Chris Peterson at 882-7240.