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Time in Imperial a lovely experience PDF Print E-mail
Dear Editor,
I remember walking into M&M Jaz my second day in town and placing a lunch order. The lovely woman behind the counter said. . . “Oh, what is your name? I should know this, I asked yesterday!”
Being something of a city girl, it freaked me out a little. People are not really this nice, are they? I grabbed my lunch and ran.
The four weeks I’ve spent in Imperial, I’ve come to appreciate the friendly nature of this town. Every establishment I’ve entered brings a smile and fun comment on my impractical footwear.
Many remember your name or beverage of choice. Strangers stop to help the dumb girl who got her car stuck. People smile, wave and don’t actually try to run you down when you cross the street. (Much appreciated by those of us in impractical footwear!)
Thank you for a lovely time in your town and hauling my car out of the ditch. I hope to be back soon.
Mykki Lawstuen, Allo consultant
P.S. Has anyone thought about acquiring a dog catcher for the cats?