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A new contest for Imperial was introduced Sunday afternoon when JJ’s hosted its “Gut Bustin’ Pig Out Contest” at their restaurant at 1134 Broadway. Participants in three age divisions attempted to chow down as many burgers as they could in the allotted time periods. Youths in the 8-11  and 12-15 age groups had five minutes, while the 16 and older group was given 10 minutes to eat. There were four participants in the two youngest age groups, and five in the 16 and older division. Winners were, above from left, Krista Goodnick of Imperial, 12-15 division, who downed one burger and won $25; Hunter Bartels of Imperial, 8-11 division, one of three contestants, who ate two burgers and won $25; and Mark Davis of North Platte, 16 and older division, who gulped down five burgers and a bite before winning that division and the $50 prize. There were four others in the oldest division. (Republican photos)


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