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Chase County Elementary wins state championship for fitness once again PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

This is year No. 30.
That’s how many times Chase County grade 5-8 students have been named the state championship school in its enrollment class for physical fitness.
Elementary P.E. instructors Jodie Schuller and Marc Mroczek were notified last week that CCS was top in the state in the Presidential Physical Fitness Award Program during 2008-09.
Chase County’s 30th state championship has come over the last 35 years. It’s the 12th time in the last 13.
The state championship goes to the school in each state that has the highest percentage of students (in its enrollment division) who reach the 85th percentile on five physical fitness tests.
Both Schuller and Mroczek feel tradition and the fact CCS has P.E. every day for its K-4 classes play a part in the school’s consistency in being at the top.
Mroczek, who teaches grade 7-8 P.E., said the students’ interest starts early each school year.
“They are always asking me what the standards are” to reach the 85th percentile on the five tests, he said.
“They have a drive to achieve them,” he said.
Schuller, who teaches P.E. in grades K-6, believes the fact CCS still has P.E. every day for the lower K-4 classes builds on the physical fitness at the school. A lot of schools have cut back considerably on physical education classes, she noted.
She also believes tradition plays a part, as the younger students want to earn the Presidential Physical Fitness Award like their older siblings had.
In the physical fitness award program, there are five tests that are given:
Mile walk/run, which measures endurance and aerobics.
V-sit and reach for flexibility.
Shuttle run for agility.
Pull-ups or push-ups, measuring upper body strength.
Curl-ups for abdominal strength.
CCS does its physical fitness testing in both the fall and spring, and the P.E. teachers use the students’ best marks.
Chase County won the award for Division II. St. John Lutheran School in Seward won for larger Division I.
Forty-four CCS students won the most recent Presidential Award, up from 34 the previous year. They will all receive emblems and certificates from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.
CCS also recognizes the grade 5-8 students who reach the 50th percentile on the testing at the May awards programs.
Here are the 2008-09 physical fitness award winners listed by their grades last year. The number behind their names signifies how many years they have earned it.
5th grade—Caleb Bubak, Charlie Carter, Carlos Chaves, Eric Chavira, Eli Engbrecht, Cody Mackenzie, Indy Smith.
6th grade—Emma Bauerle (2), Mindy Castle (2), Jacob Christensen (1), Jeffrey Dickey (2), Morgan Dinnel (1), Holden Dreiling (2), Aubrey Fisher (2), Kelton Fisher (2), Jacky Frias (1), Janessa Haarberg (1), Jake Lueth (2), Travis Luhrs (2), Isaac Sorensen (2), Paige Spady (2), Makenna Wallin (2).
7th grade—David Almanza (2), Kaycee Bubak (3), Emma Engbrecht (3), Alyssa Fisher (3), Andrea Hogsett (3), Bridget Langin (3), Jenna Luhrs (1), Bailey Springer (2), Dan Sullivan (3), Allyson Vrbas (3), Justus Wallin (3).
8th grade—Brian Bell (1), Kayla Brown (1), Morgan Fisher (3), Kale Gockley (4), Josue Guillen (1), Sandra Jones (4), Michael May (4), Emily Owens (1), Bethany Sorensen (3), Michaela Space (1), Johna Westfahl (1).