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Pool’s first season in the books; rust, leak is being investigated PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

The inaugural season for Imperial’s new pool has ended, and city officials and the general contractor for the structure are now dealing with a few repair issues.
At last week’s city council meeting, Public Works Supt. Pat Davison informed council members that some rust has shown up on the stainless steel that surrounds the supply and return grates.
In addition, a valve and/or the pool’s underground pipe has water coming from it, “and it should not be,” Davison said.
The project supervisor with Simon Contractors of North Platte, general contractor for the pool/bathhouse/lockerroom construction, was in Imperial Monday and was expected back Wednesday this week, said Davison.
Referring to the rust problems, Davison said the sub-contractor who did that work has been contacted by the city’s engineer, Miller & Associates. The engineer is looking into what grade of stainless steel was used around the grates.    
Davison told council members last week the subcontractor believes the pool’s chemicals have caused the rusting.    
During the past three weeks of operation, Davison said it became apparent that there was some leaking from the pool not due to evaporation or regular loss.
“It was losing about an inch a day,” Davison said.
While he thinks it’s a leaking valve, Davison said they are trying to isolate the problem, part of the reason the project supervisor was here twice this week.
There has also been some paint peeling, and caulking in some areas of the pool is coming off.
Since the pool just opened in May, Davison said the standard one-year warranty is still in effect.
However, there may be a couple of other areas where “who’s going to pay?” may be in question.
There were never any outside vacuum outlets included in the specs, Davison said.
Those are necessary for the staff to clean the pool with a special piece of equipment. Temporary outlets were installed, Davison said, but they will be adding two permanent outlets, a 110 and a 220.
Who is going to pay for that $3,400 outlet installation cost isn’t determined, but he hopes for a cost/share with Miller & Associates, the engineers who designed the structure.  
At a previous meeting, Davison told the council the drinking fountains, showers and toilets can’t be used when that two-inch water line is being used to fill the pool.
Initially, they had discussed putting in a larger water line to serve all the water needs at the pool, but this week, Davison indicated they may just run a separate water line that would be used only for filling the pool.
Again, how that additional water line cost is paid for hasn’t been determined, Davison said.
Pool Manager Michelle Wilson said there are also some access issues with the concession stand.         The only way to get into the concession stand is through the lockerrooms, she noted, which causes problems during football games because the teams are using the lockerrooms.    
Council members at last week’s meeting emphasized they wanted the items under warranty pursued immediately.
Last Friday, P.E. classes at Chase County Schools used the pool for the last time in this extended swim season.
Davison thought the pool would be drained this week.