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New sports complex something to be proud of PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican Co-Publisher
Friday night will mark the second time that the Longhorn varsity football team will take the field at the now-complete sports complex. The Imperial-area community can take great pride in the facility that will serve the school and community for many years to come.
Granted, there has been some controversy on how high the lights on the football field could be. But most importantly, the lights are up and the facility is now fully functional.
There’s been lots of second guessing on the location of the facility. Had it been moved further south in the first place, there would have never been a problem with the lights.
That’s all water under the bridge at this point.
The fact is we have a facility that we can all take a great deal of pride in.
Not only did the football/track portion of the complex get finished, the community now also has a new swimming pool, as well.
Because of the cooperation between the city and the school, the school was able to finish their portion of the complex, which included locker rooms within the pool facility, for what a locker room and concession facility would have cost by itself.
That also meant savings to taxpayers who were helping foot the bill for the school project.
When we go to the game this Friday, think about just how nice it is to have this facility complete and how proud you are that we were able to get this accomplished.
We truly have a right to feel proud of this new facility.


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