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A bleacher full of Longhorn fans and students enjoyed the fall sports pep rally on the football field and track last Thursday night. In addition to cheers led by the Longhorn cheerleaders, there were several class competitions that challenged the students, including wheelbarrow races, above. Teams of students raced up and down the track. This group included, from left, freshmen Justin German and Morgan Fisher, sophomores Steven Fish and Devon Vaverek, juniors Nathan Hinojosa and Lexee Reichert and seniors Jeff Banks and Mayra Acosta. Other games included a hula hoop passing contest and one challenging students to pass a donut from classmate to classmate with a plastic utensil. At left, cheerleading sponsor Lorain Vires is just as enthusiastic in getting the crowd going as Megan Engbrecht, who holds up the “yell” sign. Below, cheerleaders led the crowd, from left, Michaela Ketter, Jenna Schilke, Breanna Krutsinger, Shayla Dinnel, Emily Johnston and Shandra Johnson. It was an enjoyable evening, starting off with a barbecue organized by the Longhorn Booster Club in the parking lot that served 320 fans and athletes. (Republican photos)


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