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Kansas author also interested in search for 1884 ‘body’ PDF Print E-mail

Massachusetts man back in county continuing search

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Robert Golka’s search for evidence of a “heavenly body” that may have landed in southwest Nebraska in 1884 has piqued the interest of a Texas author.
Gary Kraisinger of Halstead, Kan., spent a few days in the Imperial area last week, meeting with Golka, who hails from Brockton, Mass.
Kraisinger is author of “The Western, The Greatest Texas Cattle Trail, 1874-86.”
His research for the book found him studying some of the same parts of this area that Golka is investigating. The two checked out one of the sites Golka has interest in near Lamar last week.
While that land near Lamar seems very promising to Golka, while here last week, he also learned about an area near Sweeney Hill, about six miles further south of Lamar on Harold Harmon’s land.
Golka was able to meet with Harmon on Sunday about his property and its possibilities as the potential “landing site.”
The sites most promising to him have a sandy bottom, a lot of drainage and surrounding hills.
Both properties near Lamar and Harmon’s further south feature those characteristics.
While here, Golka acquired several topographical maps of the Lamar site from the NRD office.
He plans to use them in a somewhat unconventional effort to determine if that could be the landing site, according to their “views.”    
Earlier this summer, Golka attended a convention of the International Remote Viewing Association in Las Vegas.
The association is a group of people that use mental faculties to “view” information about a specific target without actually being at the location.
Golka said he plans to meet with some of the “remote viewers” and have them hold the sealed envelope that has the topographical maps in them. He will given them no information about what he’s looking for, he said.
Will they be able to tell him something?
Because digging is expensive for further research, and landowners may not allow him to do so anyway, he said the “remote viewing” is worth a try.
“It’s the only option I have now to help,” he said.
“I just want to validate this case.”
According to 1884 newspaper reports, a “heavenly body” hurled from the sky and was witnessed by several cowboys in an area of southwest Nebraska as they were out on horseback.
The “crash” burned for several days until a rainstorm put it out.
Golka believes if the object hit the ground with the intense heat as described in the old stories, the sand would have fused into pieces of what appear to be “blueish, greenish or black glass.”
He would love to find someone with a piece of such glass handed down to them from their ancestors.
Before traveling back here the past week, Golka heard about a piece of glass at the second hand store in Palisade. He called the owners, bought it for $4 and had it shipped out to him in Massachusetts earlier this year.
He’s planning to have it analyzed in New York.
He was hoping to meet with a man in McCook this week who has another such piece of glass.
Golka said he enjoys the contacts with people in this area, and their questions.
But, he’s certainly hoping one of these contacts turns up a piece of the glass he’s looking for.