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K-12 enrollment shoots up by 25 students in third day report PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Supt. Matt Fisher was pleasantly surprised this week when the enrollment count after three days of classes showed an increase of 25 students compared to the third day of class last year.
The school doesn’t report its “official” enrollment to the Dept. of Education until the end of September, so the “official” increase may not be as big since there were some student additions last year after the third day.    
But, there will be an increase.
And, it’s good news to Fisher.
It will mean more state aid, but more importantly, he added, is that it shows the community is thriving.
“If the school grows, that usually shows the community is doing well,” he said.
Just like last year, all of the increase came in the elementary grades.
Numbers in the high school (grades 9-12) after the third day actually dropped by four students this year from 144 to 140, but 29 more elementary students (K-8) were in school on the third day.
Enrollment in grades K-8 this year is 403, up from last year’s third day enrollment of 374.
The school also breaks the enrollment down in K-6 and 7-12 numbers, which show 300 in grades K-6 and 243 in grades 7-12.
Chase County’s junior high, grades 7-8, represents a lot of the K-8 increase, according to Fisher’s report.
Those two classes total 103 students this year, up from last year’s 90-student junior high.
What’s even more noticeable is its comparison to the high school enrollment.
The junior high is just 37 students shy of the entire high school’s 9-12 enrollment this year.
There are again two very small high school classes this year, the senior class with 29 and the sophomores, who number just 30.
Fisher said the 29 seniors is the smallest in the 11 years he’s been here and likely many more before that. The senior class has never dropped below 40 in many years.
However, with this year’s 59 eighth graders, who’ll replace the 29-student senior class next year, the high school should see an increase overall for 2010-11, barring any major changes.
That would stop the trend of a declining high school enrollment that’s occurred at CCS since the 2005-06 school year.
2009-10 Enrollment after third day
Kindergarten    42
First grade    42
Second grade    47
Third grade    40
Fourth grade    50
Fifth grade    48
Sixth grade    31
Seventh grade    44
Eighth grade    59
Ninth grade    36
Tenth grade    30
Eleventh grade    45
Twelfth grade    29
Enrollment for the last 10 years
K-8   HS        TOT.      
1999-00    427  225    652
2000-01    386  224    610
2001-02    405  236    641
2002-03    401  225    626
2003-04    388  218    606
2004-05    365  212    577
2005-06    354  217    571
2006-07    355  192    547
2007-08    350  168    518
2008-09    374  144    518
2009-10    403  140    543
Source: CCS Supt. Matt Fisher as of Aug. 21, 2009.