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School numbers here good news PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz, The Imperial Republican News Editor

Classes at Chase County Schools got underway last week, and something we all should be interested in is how the enrollment looks.
Because, in most cases, how the school does reflects its community.
Happily, enrollment is up overall in the K-12 grades at Chase County Schools.
After the third day of classes last Friday, the enrollment report showed an overall increase of 25 students, compared to figures after the third day last year.
While the school doesn’t report its “official” enrollment until the last Friday in September, there will be an enrollment increase. It may not be as large as what it looks like after the third day because enrollments fluctuate between now and the end of next month, and there were additional students that registered last year after the third day report.
The welcome enrollment numbers continue to reflect a positive Chase County area.

On a totally separate note, as my son went off to school last week, we happened to remember after leaving home to look for some stationery for him to use to correspond with friends and family.
As we searched in some of the “larger” shopping outlets, there was none to be found....none. No one had stationery and envelopes that a young man would use.
Is that a sign of the times? Just ask the post office workers. There aren’t many hand-written letters coming or going anymore.
A check in Imperial found a few such stationery sets, but they’ve been phased out most places.
Just think how nice it is (or was) to get one of those hand-written letters.
I guess it’s nice to get an email or text message, too, by it’s not quite the same.