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Hogsett studies in England for year PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

When Staci Hogsett of Lamar returned to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this week, she took back more than clothes and equipment for her apartment. She took back a year of memories from studying in England.
The junior English major took four year-long classes at Lancaster University in Lancaster, England, near the Scottish border. She studied Shakespeare, Rennaisance literature and English poets.
Hogsett will receive credit for the year as part of her studies at UN-L. She said she did well in the courses, which have a different grading system than the University.
“If you do the best you can you get about a 70,” she explained, which isn’t a very high grade in the U.S. Anything over a 70 is exceptional, she added.
The term began in late September, 2008 and ended June 27, 2009. However, Hogsett’s exams were completed by the end of May, so she was able to spend time attending University events.
Lancaster University has about 17,000 students. Hogsett was the only UN-L student that she knew of, but there were a number of Americans studying there.
She picked it because of its English literature program.
“I’d always wanted to study abroad,” she said, and had wished to be a foreign exchange student while in high school.
Hogsett lived in a flat, or apartment, with 12 other women, four of whom were American.
She and a friend from Texas enjoyed introducing their flat mates to Mexican food. The English flat mates, in return, cooked British food.
The biggest difference betweenliving in Lancaster and Nebraska, Hogsett stated, was the transportation system. College students there don’t rely on cars, but on public transportation such as buses and taxis.
“I didn’t miss having a car because everything was connected” by public transit, she pointed out. In addition, everything is so close, such as the Scotland border, or London three and one-half hours away.
Hogsett learned that she is able to fend for herself in a different country. She also adapted to the cold, rainy climate. But what she enjoyed the most was the people she met. “I made the most amazing friends for life,” she enthused.
In fact, Hogsett spent a lot of time visiting those friends in their homes in Stratford, near Oxford, and other towns.
She also traveled to Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Paris, Amsterdam and Egypt, sometimes with friends and sometimes with her family. Her parents are Rita and David Hogsett.
The student plans to return to England some day, to see her friends. One country she didn’t get to explore was Wales, but she had a Welsh flat mate, so hopes to rectify that.